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How Amazon’s Fire Phone Will Make Vegas Vacations Even Better

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon Fire Phone Can Make More Vegas Memories

I saw the launch of Amazon’s Fire Phone yesterday and thought it was a cool new mobile phone option. I don’t think I’ll immediately drop my iPhone and run to it but I’ll consider it if they get other carrier’s on board. AT&T doesn’t have good coverage in the part of Vegas where I live.

This morning I read about a feature that slipped by me that will immediately have an effect on families that travel. Amazon’s Fire Phone will have a 13 Mb camera that shoots 1080p HD video but more importantly the phone comes with FREE CLOUD STORAGE.

HD video and high quality photos take up a lot of internal storage space on mobile devices. Chances are that you won’t have enough space on your phone to keep everything. I never do. I load most of my pictures onto my laptop and delete most of my photos from the Apple Cloud because I don’t want pay for the service. That said, I still have hundreds of pictures on my phone.

There are a lot of people that still don’t understand or trust the cloud. My mom would love a service like this that just saved all of her pictures at no additional charge. Then again, I just showed her how to use The Google last year.

When people visit Las Vegas they take a boatload of pictures. Families and tourists are off the chart with the amount of pictures they take. Just try to walk anywhere on the Vegas Strip without bumping into people snapping pics. A day of pictures and a couple of videos will take up a lot of space on a phone. If you’re visiting for more than a weekend you’ll probably have to delete pictures and/or video from your phone at some point. Free cloud storage would help with this problem.

Free cloud storage, alone, is a game changer. Storage is dropping in price so rapidly but the majority of American’s don’t even know how or where to find storage. The Amazon Fire Phone seems like it will be a great one stop shop for the average American consumer and a great way to save more Vegas memories. [Insert sappy music]

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