Giada And Gansevoort Las Vegas A Strange Mix

Giada De Laurentiis Cooking

Earlier this week it was leaked and then confirmed by Caesars Entertainment that Giada De Laurentiis would be opening her first restaurant at Gansevoort Las Vegas when it opens next year. Giada is a beautiful woman and her cooking show seems like it’s popular (Although google image search shows about 20 pictures of Giada’s boobs for every 1 of her cooking. Maybe her cooking isn’t so popular).

Like Rachel Ray she’s not exactly cool or hip, which is what Gansevoort Las Vegas is aiming to be. Additionally, she’s not anything different from the celebrity chefs Caesars Entertainment has been attaching with just about every new restaurant opening. When Gansevoort was initially announced Caesars Entertainment’s Chief Marketing Officer, Tariq Shaukat opined that Gansevoort would be different.

“We wanted to bring in a partner who had not just expertise, but a passion for creating something really unique”

When finished Gansevoort Las Vegas may actually create a unique hotel to Las Vegas but, besides this being her Giada’s first restaurant, another chef from television doesn’t offer something you can’t find at other hotels on the strip.

Giada’s brand seems like something you’d get at a big box retailer like Target than at a boutique store.

I was looking forward to Gansevoort being a truly unique Caesars Entertainment hotel in Las Vegas but if they keep medling this will just be another overly commercialized hotel with bad housekeeping, overpriced rooms and 6:5 blackjack. Lame.

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