Get Ready For Elvis and Sexy Blackjack at LVH

LVH (formerly Las Vegas Hilton) has been in financial trouble for a while. They’re currently in foreclosure and expect to find a new owner soon. In the meantime the LVH is getting new management with┬áthe Navegante Group. Navegante Group is known for turning around casino properties.

In 2005 Navegante was contracted by Tamaras Group to take over the existing operations as the lessee/manager of four hotel/casino properties in downtown Las Vegas: the Plaza, Las Vegas Club, Western and Gold Spike. Navegante, in conjunction with Tamaras, was responsible for a rapid and dramatic turnaround, taking the properties from major losses to positive cash flow. In May 2007, Navegante provided Tamaras with notice of termination of the lease agreements.

I’m pretty sure that Sexy blackjack didn’t begin at Gold Spike until after Navegante Group moved on from managing the property, but┬áthe image of mixing cheap gambling with good odds and Elvis sounds like fun and might be the only reason I’d return to LVH.

As you can see below, Elvis is already sexed up with his lei outside of LVH.

LVH Elvis

I was at LVH on Friday for the SuperContest seminars and spent maybe 45 seconds in the sportsbook. Even though there was nobody near me smoking the sportsbook was super smokey just like the last time I went to the SuperBook. It’s a great space, but smells so bad that it’s almost impossible to breath.

Great marketing and history draws people the SuperBook, but if they don’t get some bleach and ventilation then it’s all for naught because nobody that likes to breath (like me) will return.

Maybe new management will do that, but since sportsbooks only effect 1% of a casino’s income I expect nothing good to happen to the sportsbook. And that’s a shame.

Author: Marc

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