EDGe Vegas Drink,Eat Coming Soon: Vegas Local Eats And Drinks

Coming Soon: Vegas Local Eats And Drinks


“This tastes like the slice of pizza I used to get in the Bronx.”

For the past year, I’ve generally written for other people and websites. You see those links posted here when I see the articles are live. That’s taken me away from this blog and the VegasPhotoBlog.

I usually visit bars, restaurants, and casinos in the touristy areas. The majority of my opinions are shared elsewhere. As you’ve seen I share those articles with other websites. However, I’ve been visiting more local bars and restaurants than ever before.

I rarely write about my local experiences because the traffic gods say that most of you want to read about the cool new spot on the Vegas Strip. I understand that because I used to be the same way.

I generally share my thoughts on local bars and restaurants directly with those who are specifically looking for something away from the action. I’ll be sharing more about those local joints for those people on this blog.

I won’t waste time with places I don’t like unless I have a really awful experience. I have a few bars and restaurants saved to share and a few more that I know I’ll be visiting soon.

I’ll probably end up using a lot of this elsewhere when I compile a significant number of recommendations. The reviews I write will be short and sweet like when I visited Therapy in downtown Las Vegas.

The photo above is from Evel Pizza which will be one of my first new recommendations.

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