Coffee at The Palazzo

I love coffee.  If you follow me on twitter, you see me talk about it just about every day.  So, with that being said, I always have an eye out for coffee when I travel.

Back in September I was listening to one of my favorite Las Vegas podcasts, Five Hundy By Midnight, when I swear I heard a caller say that there weren’t any places to get coffee at the Palazzo.  Needless to say this sent me into a mini tizzy with a trip upcoming.

I’m happy to report that coffee options were good and plentiful!

My first stop and the place I would get coffee from most was The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  There was a location right at the room elevators.  Great location.  This is just a walk up location so there wasn’t anywhere to sit down.  I stopped here at least once per day.

One of my favorite ways to nurse a hangover is with iced coffee.  It goes down so easily is very refreshing.  They combination of caffeine and ice does wonders.

Of course, my first night in Las Vegas I drank way too much and mixed too many different drinks.  I needed more than the iced coffee above.

It took so long for a cocktail waitress to wander over to my where I was playing 5 cent Double Diamond slots that I ordered two cups of coffee.  A few notes here:

1. Palazzo cups of coffee are pretty large.  I lost my $20 before I could finish the 2nd and 3rd cups.
2. Palazzo coffee is damn hot.  Like damn hot.  Consider yourself warned.
3. Casino coffee usually isn’t great and these cups were no different.
4. This was the only time I had an extended wait for a cocktail waitress in my 4 days at Palazzo.

One morning I was wandering in the casino and came across Espressamente Illy in the walkway towards the Venetian.  I like Illy coffees so I stopped in for a large latte and banana nut muffin.  Both were good, but the $11 price tag was sticker shock.  That started me off on a bad foot and a losing morning of gambling.

Since I woke up from a nap and lost my friends I decided to wander the Shoppes.  That’s where I found Cafe Presse.  They provide Lavazza coffees and have a nice selection of muffins and sweets.  Cafe Presse is located right outside of the room elevators on the second floor.  There are a couple of tables out in the the mall and I believe they get free wifi.

In order to get my head together I had a latte and banana nut muffin.  The price was more reasonable than the Illy coffee and the muffin were both fantastic.  Unfortunately, this place was out of sight and therefor was out of mind.

The final coffee I had was in my room.  No the Palazzo suites do not have coffee makers.  I ordered a wonderful breakfast from room service on my last morning.

The Palazzo serves Starbucks coffee with room service.  I didn’t expect anything special and this wasn’t.  However, it was good enough that I drank the whole pot.

Overall, there are plenty of choices to grab a cup of coffee at the Palazzo and, outside of the casino coffee, they are all pretty good.  Being that you’re at a casino don’t be surprised when you are paying more than you normally would pay for coffee.

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Las Vegas Writer, Marketer, Consultant. I love Vegas and everything about it. When in Vegas do 3 things: eat, drink & gamble.

Author: Marc

Las Vegas Writer, Marketer, Consultant. I love Vegas and everything about it. When in Vegas do 3 things: eat, drink & gamble.