Echelon On Hold For A While

Echelon has been a mess since day one it seems and now it’s been put on hold indefinitely.  Echelon was to stand where Stardust used to be on the Las Vegas Strip.  Construction has been halted for a year but now all equipment will be taken from the site leaving a shell of a casino sitting on the strip for at least 6 months and possibly 3 years.

Complete story and video on Las Vegas Now.

Beer Pong = Bling Pong

O’Sheas is one of the smaller, older, cheap casinos on the Las Vegas strip.  It’s not what I seek when I’m in Vegas, but they’ve done a really nice job creating a niche for themselves.  While cheap gambling and cheap beer can be attractive, you can go to any older casino to find that.

O’Sheas has become a favorite among college aged people because of one thing.  BEER PONG.  I was catching up on my Vegas news over the weekend when I saw an article on Vegas Chatter that went into some detail about how good of a money maker Beer Pong has become for O’Sheas.

The real shocker: the place rakes in more than $25,000 from it every week, and more than $100,000 per month.

No, that number didn’t come from management or an official press release (though the PR department did, in fact, confirm it). Instead, it came from the people who know best—dealers and pit bosses in the gaming pit closest to the beer pong action.

That seems like some pretty nice coin for Beer Pong and stands out to me because that’s not gaming income, which is something casino’s are always string for.  I would never imagine Beer Pong could bring in over $1 million a year.  Nice work finding your niche O’Sheas.

O’Sheas recently joined twitter and you can follow them for more info and specials.

Wayne Newton To Tropicana

Last week Wayne Newton finalized a deal  with the Tropicana for a 6 month show called “Once Before I Go.”  The show begins on October 16 and runs through the winter.

The 67-year-old Las Vegas legend will give his act more of an autobiographical focus for the six-month run beginning Oct. 14. “It’s the only time that we’ll ever do it,” Newton told reporters Wednesday.

Wayne Newton isn’t much my thing, but he’s one of the old Vegas staples so he’s due an iota of respect whether you like or dislike him.  He will keep Tropicana crowds busy while they continue to transform the motif of the casino to a young, south beach (Miami) vibe.

I don’t know that the change will bring more people to the casino, but I applaud the effort.  I’m not sure they can do anything to win me over, but ya never know.

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Buy Wayne Newton Tickets

Harrah’s To Buy Planet Hollywood?

I was sitting on my couch enjoying the Patriots ruin my Monday night parlay when I read a tweet from Tim at Five Hundy By Midnight saying that he doesn’t want to see Harrah’s buy Planet Hollywood.  I immediately jumped up and checked my news feeds to see that the rumor may be true as Harrah’s purchased some of Planet Hollywood’s existing debt.

Sources confirmed this weekend that Harrah’s has purchased a portion of the $860 million debt load that is leveraged against the property…

…Brian Gordon, a principal at Applied Analysis, however, suggested Harrah’s could be following the recent trend of acquiring casino properties through debt purchases rather than through an outright buyout.

“With covenant and debt defaults looming around for some of these properties, it’s a potential way to gain eventual ownership of a property,” Gordon said.

The practice has been used successfully in the past locally, most recently when the Tropicana on the Strip was acquired in bankruptcy court.

The article in the Las Vegas Review Journal cites a few recent examples of investors buying casinos on the cheap through debt purchases.  I’ve loved Planet Hollywood since the Aladdin was sold and the theme changed.  Heck, I even liked gambling at the Aladdin.  Planet Hollywood has become one of my favorite casinos on the strip.

I have nothing against Harrah’s and think that this would be a great acquisition for them.  It would add a property with a cool, young vibe to their list of properties.  It would also allow them more ownership of the middle of the strip.  Independent ownership has allowed Planet Hollywood to carve out a niche and my fear would be that the monster that is Harrah’s will homogenize what makes Planet Hollywood unique in it’s own right.

Time will tell whether or not this happens, but unless Harrah’s own debt doesn’t allow this I don’t see how this deal doesn’t get done.

Holly Madison Signs PeepShow Extension

Earlier today Holly Madison signed an extension to remain with “Peep Show” at Planet Hollywood for another year.

While looking for a little more information I could only find stories on how plastic surgery changed her life.  Here’s a before and after for you.


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Air Curtains to Protect Dealers at Aria

Aria and CityCenter haven’t opened yet, but the casino is taking measures to protects it’s dealers against smokers.  Aria blackjack tables will be equipped with an “air curtain.”  An air curtain is, essentially, air shooting straight up from the table and will block most second hand smoke from the dealer.

That’s the next-to-best thing Aria could do to protect dealers’ health, aside from not allowing smoking in the casino, said Cindy Ortega, senior vice president of energy and environmental services for MGM Mirage, an owner of CityCenter.

“I can take three matches, light up the matches, blow them out, and I put the match right there and the smoke goes right straight up,” she said. “The air curtain is there to protect the dealer from the smoke. Now, it’s not 100 percent (as good) as a nonsmoker, but I think we’ve taken such giant leaps. I think it’s really great.”

Second hand smoke has long been an issue for dealers, so it’s nice to see MGM-Mirage being proactive.  I only wish that I could have an air wall around me so I didn’t stink of smoke after every night I’m in Las Vegas.  I hate the smell and now travel with fabreeze.

Frank Caliendo – 10 Years of Impersonations In Las Vegas

Frank Caliendo signed a 10 year contract to perform at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas beginning October 12.

Known by millions for his dead-on impressions of such celebrities as Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, John Madden, former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Dr. Phil, Jay Leno and dozens more, as well as myriad of television appearances and live stage performances, Caliendo’s new show will be a dynamic mix of high-energy comedy and fast-paced impressions enhanced by live music, video sketches and much more.

I don’t find Caliendo incredibly funny, but in short burst he and his John Madden impression can be very funny.

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Hotel 32 at Monte Carlo

Hotel 32 is the newly remodeled top floor at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  You may remember the top floor caught on fire just over a year ago.  It took a while to remodel and instead of just going with typical rooms Mointe Carlo decided to go upscale.

The rooms look great, but I’m not sure this would get me to stay at the Monte Carlo.  Thanks to Vegas Tripping for the heads up on this.

Aubrey O’Day Likes To Party All The Time

Aubrey O’Day likes to party all the time and I have proof for you.  In between appearances in “Peep Show” at Planet Hollywood O’Day decided to cover Eddie Murphy’s “Party All The Time.”

The song is catching on fast, and there are reports that Aubrey is in talks with Lil Wayne’s label Young Money.

“I’m such a fan of 80’s music, and this song has always been in my head,” Aubrey exclusively told us, “and with my reputation in the media, I figured everyone would get it when I say that I just wanna party all the time!”

I thought this was a joke, but it’s true.  I also thought the original was a joke, but it was serious.  I love Eddie Murphy and I think I now love Aubrey O’Day.  Thank you.  It will be interesting to see if O’Day can turn this into a new record deal.

Here’s the Eddie Murphy original.  Which is better?  I vote for the girl, even if I can’t see here. 🙂