Repeat Order

I’ve been planning another trip to Las Vegas and it is upon me.  Earlier this year I ask for your opinion on where I should stay on my next trip and Palazzo won.  I kept one night at Planet Hollywood just to have a second place to crash.  That’s how I roll.

Last month I received an offer to be in a slot tournament at Venetian/Palazzo so I figured what the heck, let’s give it a whirl.  This time I’ll be staying at the older half of the mega-complex – the Venetian.  I figured it would be nice to check out a different property.

Photo: Flickr: lucianhanga

I’ll also be spending a couple nights at Planet Hollywood.

All rooms on this trip will be comped thanks to my last couple of trips to Vegas and continued patronage to Harrah’s properties in Atlantic City.

This time I’m aware that my comp room at Venetian won’t actually be free of charge, but I’m OK with the small fee as I’ll be using the wifi anyway.

This will be another solo trip for me and I’m looking forward to a different experience.  I’m even renting a car for the first time so I can explore a little bit of Las Vegas.  I’m looking forward to another new adventure.

Rumor: Plaza Becoming Union Plaza Again

The Plaza Hotel will be receiving a slew of renovations as well as a name change to Union Plaza.  This will coincide with renovations to two other downtown casinos – the Las Vegas Club Hotel and Casino and the Western Hotel and Casino.

(Anthony F.) Santo, who is a consultant for Tamares, the landlord of the three properties, said negotiations are under way for a $20 million loan to refurbish the rooms at the Plaza and to rename it the Union Plaza.

There also will be theme changes in the Las Vegas Club, he said. He added that the Western will see fewer changes, with some possible slot machine upgrades for its mostly locals market.

During the remodeling at the Plaza, some customers will be moved to the Las Vegas Club, Santo told the board.

Any updates downtown should be a good thing.  The name change brings the Plaza hotel back to its original name.  It would be nice to see the property cleaned up – even if it’s just on the surface.

Signs Signs Everywhere Signs

It seems as if a new sign on the Las Vegas strip is a news worthy item.  With that being said, the Cosmopolitan‘s marquee took life yesterday.

Photo: Las Vegas Sun

It looks very cool.  Nice, big and bright and will light up the strip nicely and unlike its neighbor CityCenter.  It’s still a sign, it takes a little more too get me excited.  I’m not really one that likes the tease.  Just give me the steak already, I’m already stoked.  Here’s the inspiration for the subject.

Get 25% Discounts At Legasse Stadium

Legasse Stadium announced on their twitter feed that you can get 25% off your bill after you “check in” three times on Foursquare.

Many visitors can do this on one trip to get discounts of your own.  You can check in from just about anywhere in the Palazzo, so it should be easy to grab this discount.

It’s cool to see casinos use technology as a marketing tool.  It’s also nice to see the offer of a large discount like this.  I’ve easily spent a couple hundred dollars at Legasse Stadium with friends – and that’s with each of us getting drink tickets for our bets.  Hopefully this will bring more business to Legasse Stadium so more places do this.

Foursquare and Gowalla are apps available on smartphones that, in short, let people know where you are.  Foursquare is offers different kinds of rewards and “mayorships” while Gowalla offers badges that you keep on your phone.

Both are competitors and I’ve tested each of them for a while, but will be making the switch to Foursquare on my next trip to Atlantic City.  It seems as if more major corporations are using FourSquare.  I figure if I’m going to use my time on *another* social network I might as well receive something for it.

Connect with me on twitter and foursquare if you’re mobile and inclined.

Veer Towers Open at CityCenter

The Veer Towers at CityCenter opened this week.  The towers are the kind of cool, crooked looking condo buildings at CityCenter.  About 100 of the 600 units have been sold and closed with just 6 having moved in.  The Las Vegas Sun looks at overall condo sales at CityCenter.

With no casino and no gambling, I don’t see myself reading and sharing much about Veer Towers.  Keep up with the towers at their website.

Wanna Be In PeepShow?

Of course you want to be on stage during “Peepshow.”  E! & Planet Hollywood are giving away a pretty cool prize in conjunction with “Peepshow” and “Holly’s World.”

  • 3 Day/2 night stay at Planet Hollywood
  • Meet Holly Madison
  • Appear on stage for part of “Peepshow” in a walk on role

For full details and to enter, click on the image below.  If you win, do be weird.  Good luck.

NBA Team Coming To Las Vegas?

There have been rumors about an NBA team moving to Las Vegas for at least five years.  Those rumors are fueled again with talks of a deal being in place if Las Vegas builds a new arena for a team.

“We have an NBA team under contract,” Milam (Chris Milam, CEO of International Development Management LLC) said, declining to name the franchise. But the deal will take effect only if “other pieces of the puzzle fall into place: One of those pieces will be that a building (arena) is approved,” he said.

SB Nation looks at which team may be on the move.

Detroit Pistons: The Pistons are mentioned specifically in the article because Karen Davidson, the widow of the long-time owner Bill Davidson, has said the team is for sale. Detroit’s economy, of course, is getting killed, and that, combined with the team’s increased struggles, has caused the Palace of Auburn Hills to be sparsely populated, even though it’s outside of the city. Odds: 3-1

New Orleans Hornets: The Hornets’ money problems are no secret, and they just fired the very competent Jeff Bower as their GM. Oh, and they might trade away their best asset in Chris Paul. Also, they’re probably for sale, though you never know with George Shinn. Odds: 3-1

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Solo Travel – Las Vegas

My trip in April to Las Vegas was my first alone.  I don’t vacation much alone, bu I decided that this trip was meant to be – friends or not. As it turned out, my buddy bailed on me.

It wasn’t until last year where I realized that solo travel was a “thing”.  I met Gray from Solo Friendly and now vegassolo on twitter and have slowly learned about it.  Gray and I even contributed our solo experiences to each others blog.

My solo trip to Atlantic City
Prepping for a Vegas Adventure

I learned a few things on this trip to Las Vegas alone.  First and foremost, Las Vegas is a great place to travel alone.  I figured that I wouldn’t have a shortage of things to do and i didn’t.  I gambled, napped, ate, laptopped, drank and gambled whenever I wanted.

Sleeping, Gambling & Drinking

Since I don’t sleep much, I’m used to gambling alone to start the day.  However, things got a little more sketchy as the day went on and as the drinks flowed.  I had a pretty awful run at 3 card poker at Planet Hollywood one afternoon, but it didn’t bother me too much as I proceeded to have way too many Grey Goose & Soda’s.  This lead to a “nap” from about 6-9pm.  I wouldn’t normally have done this if I was with friends as we probably would have had dinner planned in that time frame.  Traveling alone made this not a big deal.  I didn’t have to be anywhere and had nobody waiting on me.  That was kind of freeing.

On a related note, Earl of Sandwich is an excellent spot to get a quick bite to eat at Planet Hollywood.  It reminded me of Quizno’s.  Not bad, but not the best sandwiches on the earth.  I’m a New Yorker and nothing beats a New York deli sandwich. I’m a bit of a snob about that.


I’ve mentioned in previous trip reports that I like to share excellent meals with friends, but when I’m alone I really don’t worry about what I eat and where I eat.  This solo trip proved that as I ate at Grand Lux a lot since it was in the hotel I was staying.  The only trip I made for food was to Burger Bar, where I ate at the bar.  The other meals I had were overpriced fast food.  Never again will I allow myself to fall prey to the $15 hot dog combo at Nathan’s at the Venetian.  Which leads me to…


I was stoked to have nobody with me which lead to me not planning anything.  I’m not an over planner, but I do like to make sure I maximize a trip.  For example, my trip in December had a night planned at Wynn.  My friends and I planned a night at the casino based around dinner at SW.  Simple plans like this allowed me to get to specific casinos.  I realize that without a plan it’s much easier to be lazy about leaving home base.  For future solo trips I’ll make sure to plan things out a little.  I’m not best left to my own devices. 🙂


If you follow me on twitter you know that I love to tweet.  I found twitter to be an asset for traveling alone.  I shared tales of where I was visiting or checked out special events at the casinos, stayed in touch with people I had met on twitter that lived in Las Vegas and more.  It also provided me with a fun way to walk the strip.  I stopped at every casino between Palazzo and Planet Hollywood and tweeted.  It was a good excuse to stop and take in the sites.


Overall, I had a blast solo tripping to Las Vegas and it’s something I see myself doing again.  I’ve learned a little on how to maximize my stay without adding stress.  If you need some time away from the world Vegas is a great place to explore and have a good time alone – whether you gamble or don’t.  Feel free to comment or email or tweet with any questions.  I only grazed over the trip here.

Riviera Files For Chapter 11; Starwood Takes Over

To no surprise the Riviera (hotel and owners) filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization yesterday.

…because this is a Chapter 11 filing backed by the key creditors, it’s likely the Riviera Las Vegas and the Riviera Black Hawk will operate normally through the bankrupty process.

This is backed by the bulk of the companies creditors, so don’t expect Riviera to go away too quickly.  Hopefully this reorganization includes renovations and cleaning up of one of the last remaining casinos from the old strip.  Sometimes I’m nostalgic.

Photo: Las Vegas Sun

Update: It seems as if Starwood will be taking over the Riviera.  Vegas Tripping has the quick and dirty.