Vegas Jonesing

About a month ago I noticed that one of my favorite Las Vegas forums, What Brian Thinks About Las Vegas, was going away.  I was notified that a new forum would be coming shortly.  Well, that site is live now and it’s called Vegas Jonesing.  Here’s a little about the site left by Rick:

Hey ECG join us at it is the next generation of WBTALV with Brian’s blessing! Same fun folks different place.

Also Brian is still an active member and there will continue to be a members section that will cost $12 a year to join but it is not necessary to join that section as there will always be a free section as well.

The only thing that would have made this better is if I didn’t have to register again.  Also, I should probably read the directions when I register.  Below is an example of what you’ll see on the message board.  Much like WBTALV, it’s simple and straight forward.  Enjoy…I will.

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Steve Wynn Doesn’t Like Barack Obama

Sensational headline? Maybe. Judging what Steve Wynn says in this video it seems as he doesn’t like nor agree with the Barack Obama and his staff’s current political policy.  This isn’t the first time Wynn has gone off on a politician, but it is a new interview which, seemingly, was meant to discuss the excellent first quarter earnings Wynn had.  Thanks to @brian_fey for the heads up.

Wynn Raising Room Rates, Less People Stay at Wynn, That’s Good

Wynn reported excellent earnings from the first quarter of 2011 and while profits were up a lot there was something that stood out as a good example of why profits rose.

Room revenue in Las Vegas was up 13.4 percent to $88 million during the quarter. The average daily room rate at Wynn and Encore was up 18 percent to $240, but occupancy dipped to 87.9 percent from 89.4 percent during the year-over-year period.

So, while a few less people are staying at the hotel (-1.5%) the people staying at Wynn are paying more (13.4%).  That’s not much of a decrease in occupancy and is a good example of why profits are increasing.  It will be interesting to see if other casino companies show similar results.

Claire Sinclair Performing In Crazy Horse Paris at MGM Grand

Claire Sinclair seems to be everywhere I look now that Holly’s World is over and she announced that she’ll be Playboy’s Playmate of the Year.  Sinclair is certainly not ugly and she’ll follow in line with other ex Playboy playmates Dita Von Teese and Carmen Electra to drop her clothes at MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris.  She’ll be taking the stage at MGM Grand between April 20 and April 27.

Saying Claire Sinclair is fun, so I hope she sticks around so I can keep saying her name.

Buy tickets to  Crazy Horse Paris.

Angel Porrino Heads To Absinthe at Caesars Palace

Angel Porrino may be better known as Holly Madison‘s former assistant on Holly’s World has segued from Peepshow understudy to actress and tap dancer at the new show at Caesars Palace, Absinthe.

I’m not much of a show guy, but Absinthe sounds interesting. Check this review on Vegas Chatter.  It sounds like a Las Vegas show similar to the band Gogol Bordello, which is also interesting.

Buy Tickets to Absinthe

Buy Gogol Bordello

A British Guy Goes To Vegas

Paul Carr, a journalist for Huffington Post and other sites, is spending a month in Las Vegas and is writing about his travels.  It could be interesting, it could be boring but if the guy is a good writer then he should provide a month of solid reading material.

Check out Paul Carr’s Huffinton Post articles and follow him on twitter to get the 411.  The video below, from Tech Crunch, is about 12 minutes long but interesting enough for me to keep an eye on his stuff to see how his trip goes.

Cosmopolitan Gives Itself A Break

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has been hit or miss with visitors.  One day you’ll have an amazing time, the next day you’ll be more frustrated than you’ve ever been with the people at a casino.  Read any of the blogs on the right side of the page and you’ll see this.  Since nobody is giving the Cosmo a break they figured they might as well give themselves a break.  Instead of paraphrasing I’ll just take the whole comment from Stiffs and Georges, because there’s not much that can be said that wouldn’t be repeating the thought.

As I posted yesterday, Deutsche Bank has decided to simply waive $756 million it owes … well, basically to itself for building The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, reducing the tab (on paper) from $4.1 billion to $3.3 billion. Wouldn’t our lives be easier if we could simply raise or lower our own break-even point by mere decree? For instance, my recent ankle sprain has left me with a $125 bill from the orthopedist. Were I Deutsche Bank, I would reply that I’m taking an 18% “writedown” on the bill and sending $102.50 instead. I’m sure they’ll understand. And if you apply this logic to your car payments and mortgage, I’m confident you’ll face no consequences whatsover! At least not if you’re a major Wall Street institution … or Caesars Entertainment, for that matter.


Hangover 2: More of the Same

When I saw the first trailer for Hangover 2, there was a monkey and I was cool with it.  Now that I’ve seen the new trailer (below) I can’t help but think this looks EXACTLY like the first movie and I’m still cool with it – there’s a monkey. The Hangover was, in part, great because it was surprisingly funny and there was no way a sequel could be received similarly.  I’m sure it will be a fine movie, but it won’t be the same and I’m fine with that.



Cosmopolitan Was Open 17 Days Last Year

Last year the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas was open for 17 days, so they had to report earnings.  17 days isn’t enough to suss out if things are good or bad with the property but there is some info available if you’re curious.

  • Las Vegas Sun has nothing bad to say.
  • The Rate Vegas blog, 2 Way Hard 3, pulled some of the more interesting bits of info.
  • Here’s the full 10-K if you’re really interested.

While these numbers are virtually meaningless Hunter from Rate Vegas has the most interesting info pulled, so if you want a nice brush stroke of the situation with the Cosmo just head there.

New Britney Spears!

My taste in almost everything (besides steak) is questionable.  Since day one I’ve been a fan of Britney Spears. Not all of her music has been awesome and fun, but she will always have some JAMS.  This past weekend she was in Vegas, with some last minute hype for her new CD Femme Fatale.  She did 2 announcedsurprise” shows at Rain at Palms this weekend.  She did this 8 years ago, also at Rain, for In The Zone.  It really was unannounced back then and I was there.  It was awesome.

Surprisingly the people of Las Vegas (both media and humans) didn’t seem to know she’s been lip syncing this whole time.  It’s Britney Spears, if you don’t know that you’re either dumb or ignorant or both.  It doesn’t matter because she has JAMS!

Anyway, Britney may not be the highest quality musician or artist but there is a place for her in this world and in my life.  She will always have a special place in my heart because of the amazing night she and I spent together 8 years ago at Rain in Las Vegas and that will always be one of my favorite memories of my trips to Vegas.  Click the album cover below if you want to buy Femme Fatale on CD or download on iTunes.