September 2011 20
Oktoberfest is Headed to the Tropicana 
Posted By : Marc

Vegas, a city not typically known for quality brews but rather bottle service and expensive alcohol, is starting to embrace beer culture.  A while back, a year-long beer festival was announced for the empty land

April 2011 04
Fresh Pots
Posted By : Marc

A friend of mine passed this video of Dave Grohl, from the Foo Fighters, in the studio called Fresh Pots.  If I still drank coffee from the pot, not Keurig, I might sound like this.

February 2011 10
Out With The Old In With The New
Posted By : Marc

There have been a bunch of restaurant and bar closings in Las Vegas over the past few weeks and the latest is, no surprise to most Vegas nerds, Silk Road at Vdara.  Here are some

August 2010 02
Get Beer Faster in Las Vegas
Posted By : Marc

Mandalay Bay and 8 other bars & pubs in Las Vegas recently added a product called DRAFTMASTER.  Draftmaster allows beer drinkers to pour their own pints of draft beer.  You buy credits in advance and

January 2010 11
Coffee at The Palazzo
Posted By : Marc

I love coffee.  If you follow me on twitter, you see me talk about it just about every day.  So, with that being said, I always have an eye out for coffee when I travel.