EDGe Vegas Gamble Best Craps Games – Downtown Vegas (2012)

Best Craps Games – Downtown Vegas (2012)

Craps Table At Luxor

Craps Table At Luxor

You may have noticed that I’ve been posting where the best video poker in Las Vegas is recently since I’ve had trips staying at Main Street Station downtown and at Encore on the Vegas strip. A few weeks ago I was asked where the best craps games can be found in Las Vegas. Interesting.

I thought I knew the answer but wasn’t entirely sure. I only know the craps odds at casinos I visit but I don’t know the craps odds at every casino in Las Vegas. I’m not that good. At least I wasn’t.

Countless searches showed only very old craps odds – like pre-2010 old. I finally found odds that seem fairly up-to-date on Wizard Of Vegas. Here are the breakdowns of the best craps odds at downtown Las Vegas casinos (sorted best to worst).

  1. Main Street Station – 20x Odds
  2. The D – 10x Odds
  3. El Cortez – 10x Odds
  4. Golden Gate – 10x Odds
  5. Las Vegas Club – 10x Odds
  6. Binions – 5x Odds
  7. Four Queens – 5x Odds
  8. Golden Nugget – 3-4-5x Odds
  9. The Plaza – 3-4-5x Odds
  10. California – 2x Odds
  11. Fremont – 2x Odds

You’ll notice that Gold Spike is missing from this list of downtown casinos with the best craps. I don’t believe they have craps. They have Sexy Blackjack and I don’t think they could promote Sexy Craps so they just stick with blackjack.

It should come as no surprise that Main Street Station has the best craps downtown. Craps at Main Street Station has almost even odds. Probably the best thing about craps at Main Street Station is that it’s affordable for most gamblers.

Playing full odds at a Main Street Station craps table is $100 on a $5 bet. This is one of the most affordable smart bets you can make in a casino. Full odds on 100x or 1000x times a $5 bet is pricey even though the returns are as close to even as you will find at a craps table.

The Wizard of Vegas survey hasn’t been updated since the D replaced Fitzgerald’s but most of the list seems up to date. Feel free to comment if know of different odds. I’ll be glad to update this list.

 Photo – flickr jcnikon (PS: I know this picture isn’t downtown, but the downtown craps table pics weren’t interesting)

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9 thoughts on “Best Craps Games – Downtown Vegas (2012)”

  1. How about other considerations, like field 2 & 12 increased pay outs, as well as being able to “push” your buy-bets such as buying the 4 & 10 for $35 or $39 for $1 vig (on the win).

    I personally never bet the field, but like buying the 4 & 10 for $35 or $39 ($1 vig) in some circumstances.

    1. 1000x was at Riviera for a while, but nobody that’s gone. I’m pretty sure people betting $5 can afford $5,000 for odds anyway. Hoping to get the strip craps odds up tomorrow.

  2. Few people decide where to play based on solely one factor; its usually a mixture of games, odds, food, booze, waitresses, rooms and of course the dreaded Spouse Veto.
    MSS has the advantage of the brewery, the 777 Pub being close to the craps table, the upstairs relaxation atmosphere (bring back the piano!!) and the MSS buffet which is just fine if you happen to already be Downtown.
    GoldCoast offers good odds plus some of the more “exotic” craps bets that some players like.
    100x and 1,000x odds are really promotional come-ons: either they don’t last or they have too many footnotes or the games are jammed up all the time.
    Eastside Cannery would never compare favorably to MSS on food or booze but the rooms are larger, reservations are easy, the craps odds are the same and if your spouse prefers the slots at The Cannery, the MSS will come in second despite MSS having better food and booze.

    1. FG, have to agree with you there. I actually mentioned this in today’s post about strip craps. Casino Royale has the best craps odds on the strip but that won’t get me to go there. However, if Cosmo had better odds than the rest of the strip you can bet I’d take my dice game over there more often then I do already.

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