EDGe Vegas Eat Bacon Wrapped Dates In Vegas With No Salmonella

Bacon Wrapped Dates In Vegas With No Salmonella

Jaleo Las Vegas Menu

Jaleo Menu

The Firefly location closest to the Vegas Strip was shut down this week because of a large problem with salmonella. 90 people got sick and may file a lawsuit. That’s not good.

Every person I know who loved Firefly went for its bacon wrapped dates which are a classic dish with actual spanish tapas (not to be confused with small plate dishes that are just called tapas). Good news for bacon lovers – this dish should be available at any  traditional tapas restaurant you visit.

When I think tapas in Las Vegas besides Firefly, I think of Jaleo at the Cosmopolitan because of their great selection of restaurants. Jaleo has bacon wrapped dates on the menu for $10.

Jaleo Las Vegas Bacon Menu

An order of Bacon wrapped dates at Firefly are under $5. The Jaleo price look insane since it’s more than twice as much ($10) as Firefly but at least there’s an option when the craving for bacon hits. I make no promise that there isn’t salmonella but Jaleo hasn’t been cited for salmonella poisoning.

There are more options for tapas in Las Vegas but Jaleo is a nice option in the center of the Vegas strip.

Photo: Las Vegas Daze

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