A Different and Simple Blackjack Strategy

Wizard of Odds posted an update to their simple blackjack strategy.  I’m all for simple strategy and will sometimes modify perfect strategies to be a little more simple.  While I try to play perfect strategy, I have a short attention span and usually drink when I gamble so perfect strategy sometimes goes out the door.

This is, essentially, my simple strategy.  If I notice that someone has a lot of money on the table I’ll ask if they prefer me to hit a 2 against a 2 or 3.  If not this is how I roll.

Read the full article on Wizard of Odds for optimal blackjack strategy and the math behind it.

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Las Vegas Writer, Marketer, Consultant. I love Vegas and everything about it. When in Vegas do 3 things: eat, drink & gamble.

Author: Marc

Las Vegas Writer, Marketer, Consultant. I love Vegas and everything about it. When in Vegas do 3 things: eat, drink & gamble.

8 thoughts on “A Different and Simple Blackjack Strategy”

  1. Great info! It is very interesting that there seems to be a growing group of people that think you don’t split 8s against a dealer 10 or A. All of the charts say you always split 8s, which I do. I get comments though, “not against a 10”, etc. I wonder where this is coming from.

  2. I’ve started to hear people saying that they won’t split 8’s against 10’s, but I’ve never seen it written anywhere and I always split Aces and 8’s.

    I think this comes from people thinking they’re smart. 🙂

  3. John Patrick has been saying this for years (don’t split 8’s against faces), and it is a big part of his blackjack basic strategy. I have no opinion, as I have no interest in blackjack. IMHO, it’s too difficult a game to make money at; and not an appropriate game to play socially while drinking. In addition, good blackjack games are mighty difficult to come by, unless you really want to ‘step up’ with regard to table minimums. Luckily, there is not such a thing as a ‘bad’ baccarat game.

  4. it’s a lot easier to find a good blackjack game in vegas than in AC, in my opinion.

    AC tables are generally populated by grumpy grinders who at least know how to play or people waiting to get into clubs who don’t know how to play.

  5. JMP, Vegas has a more competition so it can be easier to get a good game. It depends on where you gamble. I think I’d rather play AC rules than 6/5 hit on soft 17.

    Baccarat guy, I’ve never seen John Patrick’s strategy, but I’ll look into it. Thanks for the tip there. I had a few bad experiences playing mini bacc in AC and, while odds are fair, I don’t see myself playing again any time soon.

  6. If you get a copy of John Patrick’s blackjack book (of which, a new edition came out around 2 years ago) there is much discussion of his ‘modified’ basic strategy. I won’t speak to it personally (I read all gaming books as a hobby); but, I get a bit nervous around any strategies that stray too far from concrete math.

    I hate mini-baccarat. Love big baccarat, and also like midi-baccarat (often called, Macau-style mini-baccarat in AC). Mini is just fast a game, and baccarat is meant to be a slow, very personal game.

    The big game @ Bally’s AC sometimes drops to $25, which is an incredible deal. Nothing like being able to spread $25 to $300 @ baccarat…. gets me excited just thinking about it.

  7. i think that vegas has more true tourists, aka people who are just happy to be on vacation. so they’re happy to start and will happily play blackjack. of course, the strip casinos know this and that’s why 6:5 has caught on there.

    AC may have more 3:2, but you have to deal with the grinders/lifers/whatever-comes-off-the-busses as well as the kids who are killing time waiting for Dusk or Mixx or Moist or whatever to open and turn to you and ask “what is splitting?”.

  8. A simple strategy that is easily and reliably implemented can withstand more easily the distractions of alcohol consumption or the conversation of fellow players.

    Many “Basic Strategy” rules are only slightly better than the second best rule. Even splitting tens is not all that much of a statistical penalty.

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