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8 Great Burgers In Las Vegas

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I have been on a quest for the best burger in Las Vegas since I started visiting years ago. The gourmet burger craze in the past few years has made my conquest difficult with new burger joints opening and closing. I haven’t given up but there are so many more options available.

Last year I started following @VegasBurger and narrowing down potential burgers to try. Erik from Vegas Burger Blog and I have similar tastes in burgers and instead of tweeting him and asking for recommendations on where to go I figured I’d ask him what his favorite burgers in all of Vegas are so I can focus my time burgering around town.

You can find full reviews on each burger at Vegas Burger Blog by clicking on the link to the restaurant. Looks like I have some work to do!

The Badger

The Badger Café: Located just down the street from Dispensary and tied to an equally dingy bar, The Badger Café offers up some tight competition. Starting at only $3.99 this meal provides one of the best non-fast food burger values in town. You have the option to sit in the Rum Runner bar side, or in the quirky little diner next door, either way you’re in for a great meal. Bonus points if you’re a Wisconsin fan.

The Dillenger

The Dillinger: It’s a bit too far for me to frequent on a regular basis, but if you’re willing to take a drive out to Boulder City eat a burger at The Dillinger, it is definitely worth the trip. Their signature Dillinger burger topped with brisket and bacon is a delicious creation, and the Baby Face Nelson with brie and fig marmalade is something I try to replicate at home regularly.

Dispensary Lounge

The Dispensary Lounge: Once voted the #4 Best Dive Bar in the country by Playboy, this dark and dingy spot serves up an unassuming yet killer burger. It recently jumped in price from $3.95 to $5.95, but this is still one of the best deals around. The late ’70s furniture and decor add a wonderful bit of ambiance to the experience to make this an off-Strip burger experience you shouldn’t miss.

DW Bistro

DW Bistro: They offer one of the best brunches in town complete with bottomless Mimosas and one of the tastiest Bloody Marys around, and also happen to serve a fantastic burger. Their New Mexican-style green chili cheeseburger is topped with delicious, crispy jalapeno bacon also found in the Bloody Mary. DW has continually been one of my go-to restaurants in general; having a great burger on the menu is a bonus.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar: Rounding off the list is Summerlin’s best-kept burger secret; it’s only available at the bar, and to top it off this normally $12 burger is half price during happy hour. Anyone should be happy paying their regular price for what you get, but at $6 you get the value of Badger and Dispensary with much nicer surroundings. Just be prepared to fight for a seat at the tiny bar.

Public House

Public House: Now that Rattlecan is out of the building (see Honorable Mention), Public House can go back to claiming the title of best burger in the Venetian. Although it’s a bit pricey for some wallets at $19, the combination of bacon marmalade, gruyere cheese, roast tomato, frisee and Guinness aioli (whew!) make this one stand out burger, and the only one I’m currently willing to mention on the Strip. If the cost is a bit high or you’re looking for a different venue, head to either LBS at Red Rock or The Barrymore at the Royal Resort (and Holsteins at Cosmopolitan), they offer almost the exact same burger for far less money.

Wine 5 Cafe

Wine 5 Café: Located in a shady Target parking lot in the Northwest part of town, Wine 5 takes the prize for my most surprising burger meal of 2012. Who knew that a Kenyan/American fusion restaurant serving something called a ‘flat burger’ could produce such a massive masterpiece? It’s off the beaten path, but worth the trip!

View Wine Bar

Late Addition – View Wine Bar: Hidden in the ghost town known as Tivoli Village in Summerlin, the View Wine Bar serves up a surprisingly fantastic burger complete with equally fantastic fries. The view isn’t really all that special, and the space itself is pretty awkward, but don’t let either of those fool you; this burger shouldn’t be missed. A little tip: see if you can beg your server for a few extra fries as the portion will want you yearning for more. (Full Review Coming Soon)


Honorable Mention – Rattlecan: In an attempt to break my heart, the news broke earlier this week that this newly opened restaurant shuttered far too soon. I only made it there twice, but both times I was totally surprised by the burgers I was given. To top it off they had a wonderful staff, so the rumors coming out about how poorly the owners failed to break the news to their employees is quite troubling. Hopefully this burger can be recreated somewhere in town soon, I just question whether I’ll be able to support the owners as the truth comes out.

Burger Photos: Vegas Burger Blog
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