4 Hour Roll In Craps

4 Hour Craps Roll at Borgata Atlantic City
This lady rolled dice for 4 hours!

Wow.  Just Wow!  This weekend, in her second time playing craps, a New Jersey woman broke a record with a 4 hour-long roll of the dice in craps at Borgata.  He turn lasted 154 rolls.  Yowza!

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — A record-setting night for one gambler in Atlantic City.

While playing craps at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa on Saturday night, Patricia Demauro of Denville set a new record for the longest craps roll by hanging on for four hours and 18 minutes.

Borgata officials said that bested the previous mark of three hours and six minutes, set nearly 20 years ago at a Las Vegas casino.

I might have kissed Patricia if I were at that table.  The longest roll I’ve ever been apart of lasted about 45 minutes.  It was awesome.  Lately, I’m lucky if I get a roll that lasts more than 10 minutes.

I stopped playing craps at Borgata last year when I heard rumor that the tables were longer and the felt was bouncier than other Atlantic City casinos.  These were things I noticed when playing, but hearing this from multiple other sources played to my fears and has kept me away.  The more the dice roll the more difficult any strategy is.  I’d rather just play other games.

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Las Vegas Writer, Marketer, Consultant. I love Vegas and everything about it. When in Vegas do 3 things: eat, drink & gamble.
Author: Marc
Las Vegas Writer, Marketer, Consultant. I love Vegas and everything about it. When in Vegas do 3 things: eat, drink & gamble.

16 thoughts on “4 Hour Roll In Craps

  1. I wonder where the table was. My buddy (Colin) and I were at the 9/6 slant tops just outside the B Bar and there was a craps tables behind us that sounded lively. He was apparently at the wrong table, though, as he lost about $220 before coming to find me and learning JoB on the fly, which helped him recoup $100 of those losses. Me? I only lost $40 in 4+ hours of gambling (25 cent JoB). We also saw Joel McHale.

    Yes, I actually went to AC. If hell freezes over, that would be why 🙂

  2. jmp – Congrats on your trip. I hope it was fun. 🙂

    Scott – I’m not sure. I’m still looking for more info. However…

    ***Update – I’ve heard unfounded reports that the shooter won a little more than $10K and a person at the table won about $150k. I’ll share more as I learn.

  3. I was there watching my friend the final 1 1/2 hrs of the roll. The shooter was tossing dice for her husband, who only cashed in $5,100. He played NO NUMBERS, in fear he would jinx the table if had. My buddy won $11,000 and the highest winner was about $32,000. About 80-90,000 was paid out. Was the most incredible thing I have seen in my 22 years gambling.

  4. this is the most pathetic thing i have heard in my life! I have been a crap dealer since 1999, 4 hr 18 min roll in the biggest winner was 32k for a total of 90k, that is just pathetic. whoever was at that table playing, just give it up dont ever play again. Everyone should at least made 25k with a high man making 500k.. If you cant afford to gamblew than dont. we are sick of broke people coming to the casino to shoot the dice till 6am. We get paid by tips, and u cheap bastards just keep us there for free. So the next time you are shooting dice and its late nite, remember to tip, cheap bastards!

    1. I haven’t heard about tips yet. The way I see tips working is that experience players will tip while those without experience usually don’t. I would imagine people tipped here, but until we see info we don’t know for sure. Great comment!

      For the record, I always tip when I’m winning. I don’t often tip if I’m losing bad. If I’m up and down I’ll usually tip, just less so I can play.

  5. Another whiney dealer. This is one who probably doesn’t carry their own weight to make tips. You chose this job, it didn’t choose you.

  6. I only wish I was there. I was at Trump Marina that night tables were ice, my best craps was at Trop World aka Tropicanna. I threw 100 yo. hit a second tome parlayed for 1000.00 hit 3 in a row. nice chunk. The dealer is right tho everyone should have gone home with 100k + if they knew what they were doin

  7. I’m going to be heading to A.C. this weekend with a buddy. Does anybody know of casinos that have a $5 craps minimum with good odds? I know of two — Hilton and Trop — but are there others?

  8. To the Dealer Stacy K. and all dealers:

    Personally, I tip well (7-10%)when I do win, however, that’s my choice b/c I’m a giving person, I will not blame others for not tipping well,because it’s not the players’ responsiblity to pay you when your employer is the owner of the casino, not the players. If your employer is too cheap to pay their employees enough so that they need tips to make a decent living then you need to form a stronger alliance/union with other employees and stand up for yourselves against your employer(s). As an employee of the casino and not of the player, you follow the casinos rules at the table that does not favor the player, your know what I’m taking about, it’s all those subtle little things the casinos think we do not know, that you must abide by. As a dealer you are not paid to be on our side, so why do you expect so much from us? Its unfair & ridiculous to attack the player, they are not your boss. People tip from the kindness of their hearts & their generosity, those who do not may not be generous, but again they are not your boss, you need to go after your company’s owner(s), not the player.

  9. If I was at that table I would of made at least quarter million possibly more. After 20 min you begin to say this could be the roll of a lifetime and just bet come with max odds every roll.

  10. A few questions/thoughts:

    1. I wonder how many points she made versus just rolling a long time. I sort of get what Stacy K is saying, but if you’re just playing the pass line and odds there’s a big difference in what you’re going to walk away with if she hit 100 points versus 200.

    2. I guess “second-time player” is a nice marketing gimmick for the casino to show how easy the game is, etc., but it’s a red herring since the game doesn’t require any skill. Almost everyone knows how to roll dice.

    3. Agree that it’s pretty shocking no one walked away with six figures. Knowing how I play I’d be hard pressed not to press at some point. Keep playing my game, certainly (i.e., still no hard ways, etc.), but I’d start using black chips after some amount of time no doubt.

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