EDGe Vegas Gamble 4 Aces x 50 = A Lot

4 Aces x 50 = A Lot

Poker pro Todd Brunson (son of Doyle Brunson, in case you don’t know) was taking a break from the tables and decided to play a little video poker.  One hand at a time is pretty boring so he played $1 50 hand Double Bonus Poker (I think), which puts $250 in play at once.  I’m not sure how much money he ran through before he was deal 4 Aces, but it doesn’t really matter.  That pays $800 per hand for a total of $40,000.  Not too shabby!  I had a pretty awesome weekend at video poker, which I’ll touch on later. 

Thanks to LVSparky for the heads up.

Tood Bruson Video Poker Jackpot

Tood Bruson Video Poker Jackpot

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