2 Fun New Projects And More


I just want to drop a quick post about two new projects that I just started.

World Casino Index (Update: The project was cancelled)

The newest of the new is that I’ll be contributing slot machine reviews to a website called World Casino Index. If you follow me on twitter or snapchat you’ve probably seen me playing new slot machines and looking around to see what’s actually available. Now you know why.

The goal of World Casino Index is that it will become a resource for anyone visiting a casino anywhere in the world. I’m simply updating the slot machines section while other people work on other sections of the website.

My first two reviews are for Buffalo and Dynamic 7’s. You can expect another 50-100 more reviews in the next few months. I’ll continue to share the reviews on twitter and facebook.

Sunday News

Yesterday was the first installment of a new “Sunday News” column for TravelZork.com. You may know Travel Zork from previous work as I’ve already contributed a slew of casino players club overviews and a few blog posts.

“Sunday News” will be a synopsis and analysis of recent news, rumors, openings and closings in Las Vegas. It’s not going to be a news rundown of everything happening in Las Vegas. Rather, it will touch on what we deem to be the important developments in Las Vegas over the past week. If there’s something that’s particularly interesting I’ll expand on that topic later in the week.

Both WCI and TZ are exciting in different ways. It’s fun to dive deeper into casino gambling beyond sports betting. It’s also going to be fun to share my opinion on things that I deem important in Las Vegas. Here are a couple more things while I’m thinking about updates.

Guest Blogs

You’ll also see a few guest blog posts for other websites popping up every now and again. Las Vegas is a lot of things to a lot of people. I’m happy to be able to share my knowledge with people who may not normally follow my way of enjoying Vegas.

EDGe Vegas

Lastly, let’s touch on this blog for a minute.It’s come to my attention that some people don’t realize that EDG in EDGe Vegas is capitalized for a specific reason. Here’s a breakdown. Tell your wives, tell your friends, tell whoever you want.

E – Eat
D – Drink
G – Gamble

e – filler letter

Vegas – Las Vegas

I’ll continue to update EDGe Vegas as time permits. Updates will probably be quick cheat sheets like “Best And Worst Craps Odds On The Vegas Strip” and new bar and restaurants that I’m curious about like “The Still Brings You Beer In Time For March Madness At The Mirage.”

You can find a list of where to find my regular work on the sidebar under the header “Find My Work.” I like to move the sidebar around so it may not be on the left much longer. Simple things like this amuse me. 🙂

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Las Vegas Writer, Marketer, Consultant. I love Vegas and everything about it. When in Vegas do 3 things: eat, drink & gamble.
Author: Marc
Las Vegas Writer, Marketer, Consultant. I love Vegas and everything about it. When in Vegas do 3 things: eat, drink & gamble.

2 thoughts on “2 Fun New Projects And More

  1. The “World Casino Index” is so out of date, you have to wonder what use it is.
    A quick look revealed they still think the Vegas Club is open & The Plaza still has a sushi bar. Shame really, was looking forward to something better & more up to date.
    No real excuse for any online site to be months/years without being updated

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